Astral Labs is a Wholesale Vaping Distributor with extensive experience in the Electronic Cigarettes sector and specialized in the manufacture of E-Liquids

In Astral Labs you can buy single units of e-liquids, we also offer you the most competitive prices in the market in e-liquids, which allow you to have a good sales margin, we have no minimum order, we want you to buy what you need, and If in doubt, our sales team will help you buy the most interesting products.

Our sales team is composed of Vapeo enthusiasts who will guide you throughout the purchase process at Astral Labs.

We are manufacturers of several brands of e-liquids, and distributors of many others, our brands are well known and of proven quality, we check the quality by ourselves.

We work with e-liquids of a recognized prestige, whose liquids are prepared in pharmaceutical laboratories, with the best materials, aromas and ingredients, passing exhaustively all the controls of the C.E. and complying with all health guarantees.

The news will be published in the "News" section of our website, in all our Social Networks as well as in all the most important channels of the sector.

We also have a discount system for purchase volume, inform yourself because you might be very close to getting a higher discount.

Astral Labs has established itself as the Online Vaping Store of reference in our sector for professional clients.

If you want to know the commercial conditions we have for your company, first register on our website, then one of our Vapeo experts will call you and explain how we work at Astral Labs, finally, your account will be activated so you can see the prices and make your shopping.

The best Vaping Liquids here, at ASTRAL LABS

Our Headquarters are in Albacete:

CL. Plaza Mayor nº5, 02004.

Tel.: (+34) 967 035060 / (+34) 697 135720


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At Astral Labs we manufacture new e-liquids on a regular basis and we like to keep you informed so you can place your orders and not run out of stock.

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