There are many people who ask us about vaping when they want to quit smoking or simply when they are interested in this world of vaping. Here we are going to leave some recommendations and typical questions for people who are going to start vaping. We assure you that you are going to enjoy this wonderful world very much, and as we show you, we leave you the link to the Eurovape fair where you can see how other vapers enjoyed 3 days of Vapeo in its purest form.

- We always recommend using liquids with quality certificates and made in laboratories of recognized brands that meet the quality standards suitable for human consumption.

- The act of inhaling the steam produced by an electronic cigarette or vaporizer is called vaping.

- It is a device that provides the user with the sensation similar to smoking a tobacco cigar without burning substances or generating combustion is an alternative to cigarettes, intended both for those who wish to continue smoking without inhaling harmful substances and those who want to quit smoking in a scale process, gradually lowering nicotine levels, until reaching level 0.

These devices use a small battery and resistor to heat and vaporize a liquid solution. This vapor can release nicotine or include only aromas.

- The liquids to vape that you can buy in ASTRAL LABS, contain natural extracts of nicotine and natural aromas, in addition to vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring suitable for human consumption (essences).

In summary: Natural aromas and ingredients suitable for vaping and manufactured in clinical laboratories under the strictest standards.

There are many brands of e-liquids available in the market and each brand has different compositions, which makes them uniquely different from each other. The availability of thousands of selections in Astralvape makes it a very exciting and also very intimidating place if you have no idea which brand is better than which. When it comes to finding the best brand, preferences vary from person to person.

When it comes to the base solution of the e-liquid, there are three options available; Pure propylene glycol base (PG), pure vegetable glycerin base (VG) and a combination of both in various proportions according to the brand.

    * The PG is very thick and liquid, which makes it very easy to make a mess. However, this is also the feature that facilitates cleaning. PG has no taste of its own and, therefore, does not affect the taste of the e-liquid in any way. The PG drips into the fuse and atomizer faster, which makes it flow through the fluid at a much faster rate. PG offers a strong and pleasant blow to the back of the throat, a sensation that is much appreciated by cigarette smokers. However, PG causes allergic reactions in some people, so it is inappropriate for them.

    * VG is thicker and requires deeper cleaning to remove the base that adheres to the sides of the container and coils. In addition, VG has a different flavor that tends to affect the taste of the e-liquid a bit. The viscosity of VG means that it burns slower and makes the liquid last a little longer. VG also produces thick smoke that is a preference for some vapers.

    * PG / VG mix is ​​available, usually in 30/70 proportions. This mixture makes the most of the ingredients and is one of the favorites of most people. However, for those experiencing allergic reactions, a 20/80 ratio is recommended to keep the PG minimal.

Choosing the basis of the e-liquid is a matter of preference, and what is good for one vaper may be too much for another. Always be sure to choose the base of the solution you like to enjoy the vaping experience.

- There are so many flavors available when it comes to e-liquids that at the beginning you have to try many until you find your favorite combination. Flavors usually include; Fruity, desserts, coffee flavor, tobacco, menthol. The taste differentiates a good e-liquid from a normal one. However, this is always a matter of personal preference. While some individuals prefer fruity blends, others can barely stand it. The choice of your best e-liquid begins by finding out which flavor you like best and then discovering which brands offer that flavor and then comparing the rest of the features that best suit your way of vaping.

- Electronic cigarettes were created to help people with a cigarette addiction quit smoking. Nicotine is the ingredient in cigarettes that makes it addictive. Electronic liquids have different nicotine content, usually 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, 24 mg and 36 mg.

    * 0 mg is generally used by those who have quit smoking, but still yearn for inhalation and aspects related to cigarette smoke. It is the most sold by Astralvape especially in the 50ml and 100ml Mix Series e-liquids.

    * 3 mg is the favorite option along with the previous one for those who wish to quit smoking as their main objective, rather than the pleasure of savoring the different e-liquids. Still in high demand in all flavors and sizes.

    * 6 mg has a lower nicotine content than can be found in light cigarettes. This e-liquid is the one that is generally used when you want to stop using nicotine completely and for those who used to smoke very little. A graduation widely used in small 10ml and 20ml formats.

    * 12 mg of nicotine strength e-liquid is for those who used to smoke light cigarettes. This is also a great e-liquid for vapers who don't really need a high nicotine content. It is currently sold especially for e-liquids with tobacco flavor.

    * 18 mg of nicotine strength is used by many former smokers and is ideal for vapers who prefer a bit of nicotine in their e-liquid for that extra kick. Currently, much is sold for tobacco-flavored e-liquids and people who start their quitting process.

Deciding on the perfect nicotine strength for you is primarily an experimental process. Too much nicotine will make you sick, while too little will make your cravings for nicotine as soon as you are satisfied. Start with medium strength to be sure and then decrease accordingly. However, if you continuously vap during the day, be sure to choose an e-liquid with low nicotine content and make an effort to reach the 0mg level.

- Nicotine like caffeine are two alkaloids, which explains why these two compounds have similar effects on the human body.

Nicotine stimulates the release of dopamine and prolongs its effect on the brain causing a feeling of well-being and euphoria. These feelings can stop in a short time, and this short-lived experience prompts you to feel the effects again. Its prolonged and frequent use causes physical and psychological dependence.

Although nicotine has been closely studied for its bad reputation as a stimulant, scientific research has not shown a link between nicotine and cancer. If it is scientifically proven that tar and carbon monoxide are what degenerate cells causing cancer and lung diseases.

These substances are found in traditional cigarettes, in the pollution of vehicles and everything related to combustion and burning.

 Note: Liquids for vaporizers or electronic cigarettes are sold in different formats, with different levels of nicotine and without nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes or vaporizers are created as a healthier alternative to enjoy nicotine, without tar and without carbon monoxide and without the other chemicals that traditional cigarettes have.
If your goal is to stop nicotine, you can gradually lower nicotine levels, starting first from a high or medium level and lowering to level 0. This will prevent anxiety withdrawal syndromes.
In mods or equipment that have more capacity to produce steam, they are used with low doses of nicotine or without nicotine, to feel more the pleasure of producing steam and the flavors of liquids, than of nicotine as such.
We find in electronic cigarettes an excellent alternative to reduce nicotine consumption or to enjoy the pleasure of the flavors of liquids in the production of more steam without the need for nicotine.

- The electronic cigarette is created in order to introduce a new way of smoking: more elegant, cheaper and above all healthier.
It is able to replace and also improve the sensation derived from smoking and at the same time eliminate the inhalation of harmful substances (tar, carbon monoxide or carcinogens).

It does not contain 4000 chemicals produced by the traditional cigarette.
It improves your health and that of others.
It does not produce unpleasant odors.
It does not generate bad breath.
It produces neither ash nor cigarette butts.
It can be used in most of the non-smoking places, such as: airports, offices, restaurants and any closed place, without disturbing third parties.
It does not spoil the teeth.
You can decide the amount of nicotine to use (nothing, low, medium, high).


- Vaping is different from smoking a traditional cigarette, it is gently aspirated constantly for a few seconds, sometimes the first puffs can leave a sensation of itching in the throat and even coughing, this is something normal the body is accustomed to receiving smoke and No steam, these symptoms or side effects do not usually last long, but the sensation disappears with the habit. At the time you will feel improvements in breathing, the sense of smell becomes the sense of taste, you will not have more unpleasant odors or physical exhaustion and anxiety decreases in a remarkable way.

Vaping excessively can cause headache, thirst, tachycardia, insomnia. It usually happens because of the high level of nicotine, you should look for an adequate level. Remember everything in excess is bad.

- Of course, in fact at ASTRAL LABS, our menthol flavored e-liquids are some of our best selling products.

- You mainly save on HEALTH and your expenses compared to traditional cigarettes up to 50%

- The battery life is between 3 months -6 months or 12 months It depends on the care (Cleaning internal battery terminals without liquid residue, beware of overloads and bumps or falls).

The resistance or coil 15 days or 1 and 2 months (depends on its use and care).

When the resistances are new they should be allowed to soak with the liquid 10 to 20 minutes before use, always use the equipment with liquid, never let it dry.

If you are starting in the world of Vaping and want detailed information, you can not miss this "Vaping Starter Guide".

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